The Man in Black



Your host for the ghost walks is The Man in Black who has just announced his retirement at the end of the current season. 'After ten years of telling ghost stories I think now is the time to hand over to a younger ghost'.

The new phantom - whose identity is, for the moment a closely guarded secret - will take over The Walks at the beginning of next season.

Who is this stranger who arrives at the start of each walk and at the end just disappears? Some say he is just a regular guy who enjoys talking about ancient Norwich and its ghosts. However others think there is something more sinister here. How come no one knows who he is? You never see him eat or drink anything and he is uncomforable in bright sunlight.

When asked about his past he becomes evasive and tries to change the subject. Where does he live? How old is he? His answer to the last question is open to interpretation. 'I am much older than you think' he says. He displays an amazing knowledge of Victorian England and speaks of some 19th century characters as if he actually knew them.

Google reveals nothing prior to 2007.

Ghostly Dave claims to be an old friend of his but further investigation reveals that he too has only know the mysterious man since 2007. Dave had announced that he was retiring from running the ghost walks only to his immediate friends but the very next day the Man in Black came into Dave's pub, The Railway in Coltishall (itself a haunted house) and offered - no insisted - on taking over the walks. Dave explains 'I looked him  in the eye and immediately felt that I had no choice but to hand over the walks to him. I even bought him a drink.'

'I once asked him about his past' says Dave.'He just gave me an icy stare. He clearly does not want to talk about his roots'.

The Man in Black is a member of Equity, the actors Union . However when applying for membership , Equity rang up the MIB and asked what stage name he wished to use. 'The Man in Black' was the answer. 'In that case what is your real name?' asked the union. 'The Man in Black' was the reply. The conversation that followed was both confusing and circular before matters were concluded to everyones satisfaction.

Whatever the truth about this man , be he of this world or another, you can be sure that when he summons up the dead at the start of each walk, you should be afraid, VERY AFRAID.


 The Man is Black is aided and abetted by his trusty phantoms who walk with him on the shady side of the city. They come in many guises but this is a sample of what you may see.


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