The Ghost Walks


Twilight creeps through the narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards of the old, old city. Its gnarled fingers unlock ancient secrets of dark deeds that lie entombed behind crumbling walls. It whispers into the shadowy recesses of a forgotten part of Norwich, disturbing the sleep of the long departed, and the City of the Dead stirs once more into ghostly, ethereal life.ghost2



Experience the highly acclaimed tour on foot as you walk through the ancient and mystical streets of the City of Norwich. Our guides have been thrilling visitors since 1998 with the real-life stories of macabre goings-on, hauntings and the tragic events of yester-year.


Ghost Walks of Norwich will take you to many famous places noted for their strange events. Apart from experiencing first hand the charm of this wonderful city and its beautiful buildings, you can sample the atmosphere and imagine the situations that set the stage for so many strange events that have been so well documented.

There are three walks, one on Monday evening, then Tuesday and the other on a Thursday. All walks are subject to late changes of itinerary.

In 2016 we will walk three times a week on a Monday,Tuesday and Thursday  through until 9th December except during Halloween Week when there will be no Monday Walk  0n the 31st. Our Christmas specials take place on December 12th - 16th and 19th to 22nd inclusive.


Starting at the Adam and Eve we proceed along the river to Fye Bridge then onto Bedford Street and the Maddermarket Theatre before returning by way of St Andrews street to Tombland and then back to the Adam and Eve. Highlights include Sarah at 19 Magdalen Street, the Norwich witches and the Maddermarket Monk.


This walk starts at The Adam and Eve pub and proceeds  up through Elm Hill for a trio of famous ghost stories before heading into the Cathedral. Then we return to the Adam and Eve by way of Bishopsgate and the Cow Tower.Stories include Father Ignatious and Thomas Bilney 



Meeting at the Adam and Eve we proceed up toward Tombland and Tombland Alley before heading toward The Whiffler Theatre and the site of many executions at the Castle Gates. We go back through the Castle grounds to Gentlemans Walk , down London Street , through Tombland  and back to  our finale back at the Adam and Eve. Highlights include Tombland Alley's girl, James Gould and William Seward.

For an example of one of our tales click on this link to see this story .


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