About Norwich Ghost Walks

Experience this world-famous tour on foot as you walk through the ancient and mystical streets of the City of Norwich.

Since 1998 Norwich Ghost Walks have been thrilling visitors with real-life stories of gruesome goings-on, mysterious visitations and tragic events from antiquity.

Norwich Ghost Walks will take you to many famous places noted for their strange events. Experience first hand the charm of this wonderful city, its beautiful buildings and its frightful history.


Meet The Guild of Shadows

The Shadowcaster - Norwich Ghost Walks Picture

The Shadowcaster and the Silent Hand took over the Ghost Walks in 2018, and are your regular hosts. They also employ other members of The Guild of Shadows. These include: Doctor Mortifèro, Gideon Van Ghoul, Gentleman George, and more...

The Guild of Shadows - Norwich Ghost Walks Picture